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Could Promotional Products Help You Grow Your Business

Maximising your reach through marketing is considered to be one of the most important parts of your businesses ongoing strategy and in the digital age, it’s never been easier to reach out to a new audience. But as more and more companies are beginning to focus on new and exciting ways to engage their potential customer-base, they are often missing out on a more traditional (and extremely successful) method of publicity – and that’s using promotional products.

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What are those?

Virtually anything can be used as a promotional product, all you need to do is consider a customisable item that a range of people are likely to be able to make use of. In niche areas such as Chinese restaurants, things like complimentary chopsticks sporting the brands’ logo would work nicely.

On a broader scale, items like pens and pencils can be a great way to promote your business and can offer instant brand recognition – and there are a range of high-street brands that have successfully used stationary to promote their stores for decades.

One current (and highly notable) brand is Ikea. As you walk around the store; small, branded pencils are readily available for you to jot-down numbers and take notes for home deliveries – and these tend to find their way into the pockets and handbags of millions of customers worldwide.

From here they are often dropped, discarded and re-used; mostly in public spaces, where they can easily be identified and offer a new wave of engagement for passers-by.

Could this kind of visibility be of use to you?

With little effort and for a fair investment, promotional pens can be a great way to grow your business; especially as there are countless options for customisation and such a vast scope for both use and identification.

Aside from adding your brand’s name and leaving them in-store to be picked up and passed around, you could consider:

  • Adding your brand’s logo, an icon that’s synonymous with your products, or even offering banner-pens that feature a roll-out, informational streamer
  • Offering stylish metal pens, coordinating pencils, or even funky options to engage a younger audience
  • Offering stationary as a corporate gift at special events
  • Making your promotional products available for a range of freebie sets and gift bags
  • Offering exclusive pens to reward customer loyalty  

There are so many ways to make use of products such as these, that their potential should be considered just as valuable as virtual materials; especially when taking into account that leading marketing studies have found that over 90% of individuals using promotional stationary remember where their item came from and that over 60% will keep good-quality items for anywhere between one and four years.